September 12, 2011

New School Year and Clubs day!

The Underlings executive is happy to introduce you to the new chairs for the upcoming year: Alison Root and Erica Isomura. We are both very excited for what the new year has to bring and anticipate connecting with everyone in the department.  

Clubs and Course Union days are coming up this week (Wed Sept 14 and Thurs Sept 15) and for the first time, we will be participating in the event with an Underlings/Linguistics information table. If you would come by to show your support for the department and the course union, we would really appreciate it. We are currently looking for more volunteers to help out with the interactive elements of our display. We promise free candy to all of our helpers! After Clubs and Course Union days, we will be organizing a doodle poll to arrange a weekly meeting time for study groups and word game afternoons.

Right now we are also looking for undergraduate students who would like to become more involved in the course union, specifically to fill the positions of Secretary and Treasurer. If you are interested in any way, please let us know. 

If you have any ideas or suggestions for the course union, we'd love to hear them. We look forward to meeting everyone and hope to see you at Clubs day! 

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